GCS strives to make the customer completely satisfied through professional services and quality products. We focus on the customer's needs through the entire process, big or small, to ensure that they are receiving the professionalism that they have come to expect from Gallivan Construction Services LLC.



Outgrowing your current square footage? Think twice before selling your house and give thought to adding on to your existing home. From bumping out a closet to adding a family room, there are many options that can be added to the existing structure. Let us work with your ideas to tailor your home to meet your growing needs.


Decks and Porches

Do you need a new set of steps off the deck or want a larger deck for a big gathering you are having? We will give you the deck you always wanted but never got around to building. Whether you prefer the look and feel of natural wood or the ease of maintenance-free materials, we will complete your deck in a timely fashion and on budget.


Basement Finishing

What do you do with a large unfinished basement in your cabin? Finish it off with some stained pine siding with warm-colored carpet. This basement was to be used for the grandchildren and their friends when the adults were upstairs entertaining. The customer wanted the cold floors to be comfortable for the children playing with all their toys. The solution was to heat the floor. We installed over the slab insulated panels with pex tubing channels. This was covered with a subfloor and then the carpet. This made for an extremely comfortable floor in the colder weather. The ceiling was insulated and the sound channel was used to keep the noise contained in the basement. We decided to go with a sheetrock ceiling to keep the area bright. The kids love to play in the basement now after sliding outside in the snow all day. The electric boiler was installed in a storage room to keep the finished area as open as possible.

Handyman Services

GCS can tackle all of those little projects around the house that never seem to get done. Sure those guys on the TV make it look so easy, but you don't have the right tools or the confidence to perform the project yourself. Let GCS take that list and make it a thing of the past. We have the know-how and the expertise to make your home a more enjoyable place to relax in without all those little annoying tasks staring you in the eyes.

Office Modeling

Gallivan Construction Services can also perform small commercial jobs as well. It can be as simple as adjusting a door that does not close properly to framing an office out to meet the needs of a new tenant.· GCS can work with your ideas to allow that commercial project idea to become a reality.

Special Requests

Do you have a project that you think is off-the-wall or impractical. Don't get strange looks from those big contracting outfits, give GCS a call and run the idea by Brent. He has come across some pretty strange requests over the years and has yet to laugh out loud at any of them. Do you have an old ski chairlift behind the garage that you think would make a pretty cool swing, or a beat-up door that could make a sweet looking coffee table? Brent will listen to your ideas and make them come to life.

Garage Storage

Are you one of those people that has a garage that has not been occupied by a vehicle since you moved in? We can manage the storage needs of your belongings and get that garage to be a functional shelter for your car again. We can go as simple as a few over-head shelves or go with custom cabinetry and storage systems.