Outgrowing your current square footage? Think twice before selling your house and give thought to adding on to your existing home.




Do you need a new set of steps off the deck or want a larger deck for a big gathering you are having? We will give you the deck you always wanted but never got around to building.




Sure those guys on the TV make it look so easy, but you don't have the right tools or the confidence to perform the project yourself. Let GCS take that list and make it a thing of the past.


What do you do with a large unfinished basement in your cabin?  Finish it off with some stained pine siding with warm colored carpet.  This basement was to be used for the grand children and their friends when the adults were upstairs entertaining.  The customer wanted the cold floors to be comfortable for the children playing with all their toys.


Outgrowing your current square footage?  Think twice before selling your house and give thought to adding on to your existing home.  From bumping out a closet to adding a family room, there are many options that can be added to the existing structure.  Let us work with your ideas to tailor your home to meet your growing needs.

3 Season Deck

This customer approached me with only a vision in their mind about adding an entertainment area to the back of his house.  They gave me a list of the things they wanted incorporated into the addition and I put them into plan.  The customer wanted to be able to enjoy the summer nights outside without being bothered by the bugs.


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GCS strives to make the customer completely satisfied through professional services and quality products. We focus on the customer's needs through the entire process, big or small, to ensure that they are receiving the professionalism that they have come to expect from Gallivan Construction Services LLC.